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You Are Limitless

You can strive after perfection, but if you do then you will begin to suffer from the opposite of your intentions.

Perhaps we weren't made to be perfect, but to fall and get up every time we do - to take a stand for everything we believe in and all the disappointment that comes with not getting what we want.

If there wasn't imperfection, we'd have no desire to create or to move forward. If your life was what you want it to be, you would be able to sit in silence and be peaceful knowing you've done all you can.

You can choose that path, or decide to create your own. No one will stand in your way, apart from the voices that you've manifested in your head as a result of your own actions.

It's easy to blame other people, but it's harder to be kind and accept that you're perfectly imperfect. Regardless of the struggles that you'll choose to face in life and the obstacles that you really don't want to be there, you can learn and fall forward.


  • I am perfectly perfect and do admit it always ❤️ but I strive to be strong and admit my right and wrong…Noone is Perfect in my eyes they only think they are!

    diane dykstra
  • It is a breath of fresh air to wear the Perfectly Imperfect hoodie I got from you! At 50 years old, with 21 and 18 year old daughters, I thought I was too old to wear your cute designs!
    But, I’m slowly discovering a new ME!
    Thank you for inspiring! ❤️


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