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Visualizing The Future You

Sometimes, it starts small.

Seeing yourself at the finish line is the first step to finishing.

The difference between who you are and who you need to be lies within your head.

Your thoughts dictate your actions.

Your actions dictate your thoughts.

We live by patterns. We wake up at certain times, eat at certain times, go to sleep at certain times, feel sorry for ourselves at certain times, are thankful it's the weekend because we hate our lives at certain times...

It's your choice, and it's your life.

We don't get to blame other people and our circumstances for the way we are, because ultimately it's self-deception that breeds catastrophe.

Don't be a slave to who you used to be. Break the loop.

Don't look for all the reasons you can't, look for the endless opportunities that say you can.

It's easy to do the things you know you can do, but it's much harder to do those that involve struggle. Sometimes starting with easy tasks trains your brain to only do those easy tasks and leave the difficult ones behind.

Within our suffering lies growth, and within our struggle lies discipline (and inevitably our freedom).

Simple tasks will only take you so far. The easy route will only make you feel better for a few moments. Once you're in the midst of chaos, you'll realize that all you have is yourself.

Once you begin to understand yourself and map out the kind of person you want to become, the real game begins.

However, now the challenge lies within doing something you know you shouldn't be able to do.

Perhaps fear sets in and you walk away. You decide 'tomorrow' would be a better day, and then tomorrow becomes never.

The rest of your life will be paved by the obstacles you break today, not tomorrow. We all think we should have started yesterday, but what if we just start today?

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