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The Live Autopsy

All the motivation and fuel you'll ever need is where? Within yourself, and yourself alone.

Most people inflict their own pain and their own self-pity - their anxiety and procrastination - upon themselves.

Why? It's easy.

I know it is. It's easy to dwell in the things you don't have because of the work you never did.

You should be afraid of failure and success alike, because they both require you to sacrifice something.

You don't get to choose not to sacrifice anything, you only get to decide what it is you're willing to sacrifice.

There's always a price to pay for anything you do. You don't get to choose to not pay a price.

Perhaps I've said it before, but I'll say it again: you have a choice to make.

What most people don't understand is that it is within the simple things that we choose to be weaker than we ought to.

We choose to dislike the cold.

We choose to dislike the rain.

We choose to dislike the traffic - people - places.

We choose to feel sorry for ourselves.

It's easier to focus on what you can't control than realize the world of potential that lays within yourself.

Don't choose the path of least resistance.

We all know what we need to do, deep down.

We ought to love those who need it the most. We should push ourselves to our limits. You need to be the person you never thought you could be. Walk the path that too many are afraid to walk.

Be humble. Be wise. Be kind.

Victory lies within preparation. If you want to progress within your life, figure out what it is exactly that you need to do.

The fact is that you can’t do everything that you have to do. You have to procrastinate on something. Therefore, procrastinate on small, insignificant tasks that are of little merit.

Do the thing you hate the most before all else, and you'll become the person you love the most.

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