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Make Your Gifts Count

Make your gifts count.

The path to success is a narrow one. It will never be a straight path, so don't expect life to be so simple.

The chances you take today will set you up for a better life tomorrow. If you're not willing to struggle today, be content with achieving very little at the end of your life.

One action leads to another. One rest day turns to another - sooner or later you've lost all hope for yourself, and regret kicks in.

Never let that happen. Don't wait until 2020 to make a resolution - we know they don't work.

Can't you just skip to peace?

No. You have to be willing to suffer in order to grow.

Don't let yourself discourage you from leading a better life; you are your own worst enemy.

Never hold back. Never give in. It's simple, but it's not easy.

Above all else, listen to the voice that's telling you to do the right thing, because the right thing is always the right thing.

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