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Fall Forward

You will lose.

You will fail.

The real problem lies when you sit in your failures - complaining, regretting and excusing yourself from living a better life. That is not a sustainable way to live, nor a path to be encouraged.

There's no magic method. There's no secret pill or the 5 steps that are going to save you. All we have is a brutal work ethic, and sometimes it's all we'll ever need.

There are 24 hours in a day.

What, exactly, are you doing with them?

Would you rather be willing to suffer just a little bit more and die knowing that you did everything you could have done? Or would you rather look at the pain you already have in your life and place yourself in your past forever?

"I can't", "I won't", "I don't have the time -", "I'll never be able to do what they do", "Maybe later", "I'm busy", "I'm too tired", "It's too hard", "I can't be bothered".

What's your excuse, really?

What do you need to start living a better life?

It's on you. You make the choice - NO ONE ELSE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU.

You should be afraid of the consequences of not trying, as that's much scarier than living a life that's empty of meaning.

You have a moral obligation to do everything you can in this world. You can excuse yourself, or take the burden of responsibility that comes with being.

Face who you are - face what you've done - face who you could be.

Look at yourself in the mirror - what have you accomplished in the past day, week, month and year?

Don't rest on your laurels, because you know deep down what you are capable of.

Make the choice you know you should have made a long time ago.

Act now, or act never.

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