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Bet On Your Strengths

One of these days, I hope someone takes action.

Whether or not it's because of what we do or what we stand for, it makes no difference.

What matters is that you do something, because this very second you could die.

Once you understand the calamity of procrastination, you'll never do it ever again (or so you tell yourself).

You don't need to out-think people who are smarter than you or come up with a great idea that's never been done before to be successful in life.

Heck, you don't even have to define your success as being better than anyone else - you can just compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

It's not hard to be great, it's harder to get started.

Because once you get started - and you never stop - then it's pretty hard to not be great.

When you decide who you're going to be - without excuses, without self-doubt, without self-pity, without envy, without fear - then you'll move somewhere.

Unless you've made the decision and committed to it, you'll keep moving backwards into a life that you don't really want to live.

You don't need a script to follow or a case study or a magical wand to know that you can - just look around you.

There's probably someone before you who's done the exact same thing as you with less than what you have right now, so there's no excuse to not become whoever you need to be.

You will fall short of your ideals, every single time - but that's the entire point. You're not supposed to be the best every day, you're just supposed to be a little bit better than you were yesterday.

Once you have the discipline to actually move (99% of people won't), then you have a great task ahead of you: to keep moving.

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