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Ah, you want more words?

Someone to tell you how to do everything that you already know how to do?

Someone to tell you to start, when you've procrastinated for so long?

Well, Gary Vaynerchuk will give you words. It's your choice to listen.

It's an entirely different choice to act - to make the changes and foster the routines, implement the discipline that you need to have to succeed.

It's not going to come easy, and it may not even be simple.

Lack of action is one way not to do anything.

Don't read because 'knowledge is power'. What's the point of knowledge if you're going to do nothing with it?

Does it make you feel better - does it give you dopamine hits knowing that you did something today and you can tick off a box?

Sometimes you need to judge yourself, because no one's going to do it for you.

You might not want to hear the truth, but it's difficult to escape - you matter. Your actions have consequences. You can't think about something and then do nothing about it without regretting it later.

You can't strategize and ponder and debate AND then do nothing.

Change your game. You're gonna lose, but you have to love the process of it. You can't just search the '5 steps to do X' and then write it all down, buy everything you need to do it, and then...



Trapped within your own thoughts, within your own lies and self-delusion.

Don't pretend about how you're gonna do something, just go out there and do it.

Put in the work.

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